About Us

Romeo Trips is an online tour agency that will guide you to your chosen destination. We give priority to our guest comfort by providing excellent guides, good vehicles, flexible schedule packages and we will always updating new destination for your selection.

Romeo Trips was built by the ideas of the founders that aim to give comfortable and enjoyable trips for the guests. The three founders are Zulfikar, Dimas and Salman who gather the idea of making a new tour agency that will give the new face of your journey.

Zulfikar is an Aerial Photographer and Videographer since 2014. He is an expect photographer and he has a drone license for videography world. He has been travelling around Indonesia to see the beauty of it. He loves to capture the precious moment and views all around Indonesia. Thus, he wants you to feel and experience those moments like him.

Dimas is a photographer and entertainer since 2015. As well as all the founders, he likes to travel and visit interesting places all around Indonesia. By capturing the moments and sharing it to public, he began to think to make others feel the same experience. Through his skill and experience, he tried to make it into travel idea and share it with all the founders.

Salman is a Bachelor of Marine Science and he has a lot of experiences in tourism world. He loves to travel and explore many places in Indonesia and Asia. He experienced in diving skills and has a license too. Beside, from his experiences, he wants to make his tour dreams become true. Thus, he gives the brilliant idea of making a tour agency that prioritized guest’s pleasure.

Our skills and experiences will make our guest feel more comfortable and enjoyable. This is not just about a basic business, but this is all about the passion of making your journey feels more exciting by seeing the great views and places all around the world.